How to change the world (for free! - almost) in 10 simple steps

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As a tool for an activist (that is - someone who wants to change the world) , the Internet can't be beat. Email can reach people instantly - Web hosting and blogs combine to provide uncensored information 24 hours a day anywhere in the world - Searches give you more information about any subject than any librarian could have dreamed about 10 years ago. Now Skype can allow you to talk for free and there are numerous other tools that can help people.

Almost for free, ordinary citizens can organize and empower themselves to solve social problems and fight against all types of oppression and injustice.

This guide aims to help the budding activist by giving simple and practical advice on using Internet activism to maximum effect - If there is anything you need to add - just post a comment - If there is anything that should be changed just post a comment & if you have used this guide to change the World then please let me know.

Please note that this advice is given as is and please be aware that it's not my fault if you do something stupid.

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Robert Stephen Allen - 2005 / 2006

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First Section 1. Find a Problem - Find a Solution!